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BASIC Application

How to Waterproof Flat-tile
How to Slurry
How to apply fabric membrane
1. Thoroughly clean the surface by high pressure water and or detergent to remove any film, scale, loose material, oils or foreign material that will inhibit bonding.

2. The Substrate should be clean and stable, Loose material must be removed (sand). Cement Slurry may be used to fill in cracks, voids: Gravel. This will smooth the surface and achieve a clean dry stable substrate, to be waterproof.

3. Apply SEALER 200 to the entire surface. The sealer is used to insure adhesion and stop chalking. Do not thin or dilute this product. The sealer should be sprayed or rolled as a continuous unbroken film or coat. SEALER 200 Dries tacky in 30 Min.  

4. R400 RUBBER FIBERED PUTTY GRADE is to be applied to all cracks and corners.

5. At all expansion joints, stitchbond W 201 Fabric is to be used and needs to be relieved so that the relief or slack is greater than the movement of the expansion joint. Generally backing rod is used to create the slack.

6. Apply R400 RUBBER to the prepared surface by brush, roller or spray. Do not thin or dilute this product. Apply one complete coat after 1st coat dries minimum 1 to 4 hours, apply the Stitchbond W201 to the surface   using a coat of R400 over the stitchbond to secure fabric to the 1st coat of R400 RUBBER.

7. Apply multi-coats of R400 RUBBER until the strings in the stitchbond are no longer visible. Which should be a total of all coats, under and over the stitchbond of 35-40 dry mils. There shall be no air pockets under the fabric with exception of the expansion joints. The fabric should lay flat on the surface and there shall be no pinholes, folds or protrusions to interrupt the continuous film.

8. No top coat is needed with R400 RUBBER. Precautions must be made to not damn water. Water must be diverted on to and not under the waterproofing coating.
When using the Stitchbond fabric, for every 100 to 150 square feet of deck, one 5 (five) gallon can of R400 Rubber must be used.

Deck pavers, indoor outdoor carpeting, R400 RUBBER deck rock, or silica sand mixture may be applied over the R400 Rubber to construct a walking surface. When applying deck pavers, the sand is placed over the R400 Rubber and the pavers are set as they normally would be over concrete.