Emerald Award


Broward County, Florida 
2011 Emerald Award Certificate Winners - Environmental Category

ALL WHITE Manufacturing 1507 SW 21ST AVE
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33312
(954) 612-0977
Paint and Waterproofing Manufacturer

Everyone Wins with the Emerald Award
Environmental Excellence Program


The Emerald Award Environmental Excellence Program was created by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners and the Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division to honor businesses for exceptional commitment to protecting the environment and to persuade consumers to patronize environmentally responsible companies.

Benefits to Business:

  • ·         Attains recognition for their strides in Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction, Recycling, Green Practices/Innovation, Climate Change strategies, and NatureScape Broward landscaping

    ·         Receives Emerald Award Certificates

    ·         Emerald Award trophy winners and Environmental Business of the Year selected from all Emerald Award Certificate holders

    ·         Participates in an annual reception and awards ceremony

    ·         Listing on county web site for environmentally conscious consumers

    ·         Publicity reaching potential customers

    ·         Increases marketing opportunities as an environmentally-friendly business

    ·         Promotes customer loyalty

    ·         Provides a safer and healthier workplace

    ·         Increases pride in improving your community’s quality of life

    Benefits to the Community:

    ·         Encourages businesses to be environmentally responsible

    ·         Reduces hazardous wastes

    ·         Promotes increased recycling

    ·         Affords cleaner air and water

    ·         Improves quality of life

    ·         Fosters a more attractive and livable community

    ·         Identifies environmentally responsible businesses to patronize

    ·         Endows our children and grandchildren with a brighter, cleaner and healthier future

    All White Manufacturing has been reducing waste, landfill, and protecting the environment in Broward County in the same location by the same family for over 30 Years. Lori Kocsis took over from her father in 1996. Her father John Kocsis opened All White Mfg Inc. 1978


     Our company provides a persistent water base non-toxic solution for Roofs and more, We save roof replacements over 1 million Square feet every year.
     Typical oil based roofs are applied with bitumen, hot kettles open flames and solvents which usually end up in our landfill 10-15 years later.
     Using our protective coating R400 Rubber will extend the life of roof’s 5-30 Years each time they are coated, When the roof’s are maintained, coating is added to the existing coating to add more protection nothing ends up in the land fill.
    With the added benefit of our Energy Star, solar reflective coating R400 Rubber climate change is reduced.
    The coating will not reach temperatures over 105 deg. Normal roof’s reach above 150 deg. a 30% difference.  
    cooler roofs saves energy.
     Also wind protection is far greater than normal unprotected roofs, We have Hurricanes which have enough environmental impact with out adding roof replacements.
    Water is another resource that is saved by collecting water off roofs and in cisterns. We send a lot of product over the years to the islands.

    Our large community of RV’s and mobile homes are one more part to helping maintain homes, less replacement more saving for all.
    Rust protection is our way of saving the replacement of metal. From the home owner to the industrial, saving the 
    environment by not throwing away our resources.
    The Manufacturing process is all water based low voc. Which every year we look for greener ways to produce our products. We are always looking for improvement on a proven coating while maintaining integrity of the product. Our Manufacturing plant uses very little resources all wash water used to clean up after the production of the coatings are then turned into sealer used in the application of the roof coatings. All containers are recycled and reused. The whole factory uses less power than an average  home.
    Everyone at All White is committed to

    Reducing Landfill
    Saving Energy
    Protecting our Community
    Fighting climate change
    And Protecting the Environment.